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The sculptural building comprises various floor plan typologies for today’s urban residents. The studios share a common patio. The apartments with 2½, 3½, and 4½ rooms are characterised by attractive visual connections across the apartments. The bathrooms are situated along the façade and invite to relax. By including the bays, all apartments are organised around the corner and benefit from a two-sided orientation. The façade of the distinctive building is clearly structured by a horizontal division into base area, standard floors, and attic floors. The generous glazing on the ground floor opens up the building to the surrounding streets and provides ideal conditions for uses close to the public. Balustrade strips of varying heights made of polished, terrazzo-like artificial stone, window frames with anodised metal panels, and fine metal railings cover the building as a braided envelope, lending the façade a high-quality, almost textile look. Due to the spatial depth of the façade and the fine detailing, the impressive building volume nevertheless appears elegant and light and appropriately blends in with the cityscape.