In a workshop procedure initiated by the City of Cologne, ideas were sought for urban re-densification and new housing concepts. For our project in the lively district of Cologne-Sülz, we are focusing on four fundamental areas of inner-city re-densification:

Adequate densification. Gentle increase in height through the addition of one full storey and densification inside the block edge development. Instead of FSI and attic regulation, a three-dimensional outline is defined, which determines the maximum building volume.

Revitalisation of the urban space. For the overriding interaction of the block edge and the common scale, the expression has to consider a three-part building structure. Rhythmic design of the street alignments through differentiated openings, materials or colour schemes according to the principle: “same same but different”. The assignment of public uses at the intersection and in the workyard is decisive for the character of the urban locations and is therefore binding.

Activation of the courtyards. Revitalisation of the inner courtyards through differentiated outdoor areas such as the family garden and workyard. User- and location-oriented appropriation through self-organisation and participation for high resident identification, long-term tenancies, low fluctuation, solid neighbourly integration. Identifiable presence of the rear buildings and commercial areas through distinctive courtyard entrances.

Demand-oriented themed houses. Creation of novel, innovative and demand-oriented, not only standardised housing models, as a contemporary response to social developments (family housing, senior citizens’ housing, cluster housing, rentable additional rooms, outbuildings); integration and inclusion of groups with special needs such as single parents, senior citizens, etc.